Call for Abstracts Now Closed

We are delighted to extend this invitation to you to submit an abstract for our upcoming ACCPA National Conference. This conference aims to bring together experts, professionals, and stakeholders from across the aged care industry to share insights, exchange knowledge, and discuss advancements in the field of aged care.

ACCPA is seeking abstracts that encompass a wide range of topics and perspectives related to the aged care industry. Our goal is to curate a diverse and comprehensive program that addresses the current challenges, innovations, and best practices in aged care.

Strategic Thought Leadership: Abstracts that encourage high-level thinking, future focussed solutions and the vision to explore opportunities for the sector.

Research-Based Abstracts: Abstracts presenting original research findings, data-driven studies, and evidence-based practices in aged care. These abstracts should contribute to the advancement of knowledge and provide valuable insights into the care of older Australians.

Best Practice Implementation: Abstracts detailing successful implementation of best practices in aged care facilities or organisations. These should provide practical guidance for others looking to adopt similar approaches.

Innovative Solutions: Abstracts that showcase novel approaches, technologies, or programs that have the potential to improve the quality of care and overall well-being of older individuals. These abstracts should highlight practical applications and outcomes.

Case Studies: Abstracts sharing real-life case studies or experiences that demonstrate successful strategies or lessons learned in providing aged care services. These should focus on replicable models that have shown positive impacts.

These are just some examples of the types of abstracts we welcome. If you have valuable insights, experiences, or expertise related to aged care, we encourage you to submit your abstract for consideration. Together, we can create a vibrant and impactful Aged Care Conference that drives positive outcomes for the industry.

Abstract Categories

To submit an abstract, you’ll need to include the following information:

  • Title for the presentation
  • A 400 word abstract detailing the content that would be covered in the presentation
  • A 100 word synopsis of the presentation
  • Details of the presenter/s (name, position, organisation, contact details)
  • 150 word biography for each presenter
  • A high res headshot of the presenter/s (jpeg file is fine)

* Hot Tip – prepare your submission in a Word document and then just copy and paste in to the relevant areas of the submission portal. Please ensure you save as you go.

1. Workforce

2. Governance and Risk 

3. Aged Care Policy & Funding 

4.Person Centred Quality Care 

5. Diversity & Inclusivity

6. Ageing into the Future 

7. Technology & Innovation in Aged Care 

8. Collaboration and the Health Interface 

9. Dementia Care

10. Palliative Care & End-of-Life Support