2023 State Conferences- Driving Quality Care

In the aged care sector, we’ve been managing change for some time, but do we really know how to adjust in order to remain competitive and financially sustainable, and have we positioned ourselves to drive the highest level of excellence in care? The most important step towards remaining viable, is to understand how to successfully adapt to a new environment.

The 2023 ACCPA State Conferences, ‘Driving Quality Care’, are designed to equip leaders with the skills and insight they need to navigate new regulations and new expectations, to embrace the new normal and not just survive but thrive. At the ‘Driving Quality Care’ conferences, you’ll find out the current state of play and gain insight into the impact of new reforms. You’ll discover what innovation means for your organisation and why it will be essential for moving forward. You’ll be able to determine what excellent care looks like for you and what you need to do now, to deliver it. With outstanding speakers, panel sessions and provider showcases, we’re looking forward to helping you be your best. Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity for your leaders to learn how to optimise your organisation and drive quality care.

2023 ACCPA National Conference