Aaron Goldsworthy

Australian Strategic Services

Governance and Strategy … The Strategic Pathway to Success & Sustainability

Friday 14 October 2022

11:00am – 11:30am

Speaker Bio

A Senior Consultant with Australian Strategic Services for over 7 years Aaron assists boards and individual directors to not only understand what their duties at law are but what the future of aged care and healthcare looks like. He has worked with a wide variety of aged care and health care boards, chief executive officers and executives on a range of projects including facilitating strategy workshops/processes, advising boards on the strategic impacts and implications of the paradigm shift to a customer driven, competitive marketplace, detailed reviews of the Board’s or organisation’s documentation and processes against standards, quality frameworks and legislation, board assessments and reviews, drafting and documenting enterprise/organisation wide governance and risk management frameworks, business development, amalgamations and mergers and industry big picture trends and research.


Strategic leadership is one of the four governance responsibilities of the board. For directors of aged care organisations, it requires a proactive approach to understanding the big picture of aged care and health care and therein customer, market, industry and government dynamics and trends.

The most well-known manifestation of a board’s strategic leadership is a strategic plan for the organisation. In the ideal scenario a robust, realistic and powerful set of practical strategies and projects provides the mandate to the chief executive officer; at worst a strategic plan is nothing more than an unloved document on the shelf gathering dust.

This presentation will focus on:

• Strategy as a key responsibility of directors

• Strategy as an ongoing proactive and creative process of strategic thinking, strategic discussions and strategic decisions

• The importance of the strategy process in aged care organisations accounting for:

– The need to ensure participants develop an understanding the big picture of aged care and health; and

– An honest assessment of where an organisation and therein its leaders, strategy, structure, systems and services are today, and need to be tomorrow

• Practical insights, processes and tools that can assist a board to:

– Develop their creative thinking;

– Strengthen individual director’s understanding of the strategy process and the implementation of and reporting against a strategic plan; and

– Strengthen their knowledge and practical application of a strategic planning framework and system and therein documents and tools.

Strategic leadership is a governance responsibility of the board. A proactive process of strategic thinking, discussions and decisions can develop a robust and realistic set of practical strategies and projects.