Abby Hunt

Data Drives Insights

Leadership, Workforce Capability, Team Culture and Engagement: How to Measure it and Help us Attract and Retain the Right People.

Friday 14 October 2022

11:30am – 12:00pm

Speaker Bio

Abby Hunt is a Leadership and Organisational Development specialist who co-founded Data Drives Insight.  As a Counselling Psychologist, Abby provides performance coaching to leaders throughout our partnering organisations, from front line managers to senior executives and board members. She takes a solution-focused approach to performance coaching, drawing on her expertise in emotional intelligence to build self-awareness, resilience and influencing capacity in individuals using valid and reliable data.

Abby has close to 20 years’ worth of experience working as a trusted advisor within the aged, community, disability, health care sector. Abby is well-aware of the challenges this sector faces and is passionate about developing leadership capability, supporting front-line care staff right through to the Directors, CEO and Board. Abby is motivated by people overcoming these challenges and linking her first-hand experience with valid and reliable data to look at the best ways to address them, improving personal and work satisfaction.



Effective leadership has a direct influence on many aspects of organisational performance, including workforce capability and quality of service. But what does effective leadership look like in aged care? In a sector so under-resourced and under-qualified, how can we attract, retain, and develop the right people for the sector? What levers can be pulled to transform front-line leadership capability in a targeted and cost-effective way? When certain leadership capabilities do improve, what impact does this have on workforce capability? How can we build capability within our sector to provide older Australians the high-quality care they deserve?

Abby Hunt, Trusted advisor to leaders in the Care Industry and her colleague and researcher Sasha Burnham will share the latest insights across the sector. Data Drives Insight collects whole of industry data enabling demographical analysis and the ability to show organisations how their leaders from all levels compare with the national average.

Abby and Sasha will share with you an interactive dashboard that organisations can use to understand their current capability strengths and gaps across their teams which will greatly assist in recruitment and retention strategies such as talent management and capability development.

They will share the details of the longitudinal study and highlight the correlations between specific leadership capabilities, workforce capability and the overall consumer experience. Congress delegates will gain insight into how to improve the consumer experience of care services through transforming both leadership and workforce capability, based on specific aged care trends. This will assist in leadership development, budgeting for staff training and designing strategies to support staff retention.

Leadership, Workforce Capability, Team Culture and Engagement: How to measure it all in one go and help us attract and retain the right people.