Mr Andrew Spilar


A Journey to Home

Friday 14 October 2022

11:00am – 11:30am

Speaker Bio

Andrew is a design professional with extensive experience in innovation in aged care. Over the last 10+ years Andrew’s experience within the sector has grown significantly with industry trends, partnering with organisations to create innovation.

Andrew has a deep understanding of end to end master planning and has been relentless in seeking better outcomes for organisations and their clients. Having researched and immersed himself in local and international examples of care Andrew has an edge, staying at the forefront of innovative design, that achieves cost efficient and operationally appropriate outcomes.

Andrew understands the care providers’ needs and has always expressed compassion for the client’s key philosophies and belief in providing quality design responses for Aged Care communities.


As a partner in many residential projects, Paynters have the privilege of being a part of many organisations’ journeys from conceptual models of care, through the built form design and construction and into operational implementation. This presentation reflects on our experience and looks to breakdown the pinch points to turning the conceptual small house care model from design into reality and what lessons we can learn to assist the unboxing of larger facilities.  We will outline projects from concept to commissioning and what lessons can be learnt by to deliver on the aspiration for home and discuss solutions that can quickly create culture change. We will also touch on projects that have delivered more then expected with small tangible change.

Based on our real project case studies the presentation will explore a number of key themes including the adoption of the small house care model in both pure or hybrid approaches, organisational cultural change, staff and other operational modelling changes, and capital development costs considerations. We will discuss an alternative pathway option based on our experience to cement an organisation’s vision into practical elements. This pathway includes the back bones to redefine your organisation’s master planning and opportunities available to enrich design through client co design and placemaking.

Introducing the concept of the modern elder as defined by the Global Centre of Modern Ageing, we delve deeper to look at the back and front of house culture change required to make the cultural paradigm shift and the viable business model in the Australian context. Actualizing these designs we will run through templated business plans and showing the financial skeleton to ensure viability and demonstrate the difficulties of a hybrid approach.

Whilst it is desirable to create new stock as a society with rising costs and increasing compliance pressures we will also run through examples of “unboxing”, making larger facilities more home like and to question status quo. We will discuss the built environments’ ability to adversely affect our behaviors and seek to engage the audience in a discussion of unconscious bias that proliferates the medical model.

Through their extensive design and construction partnerships, Paynters explore what’s holding your organisation back from truly committing to a small house model of care and being successful in its delivery