Belinda Douglas
Senior Associate, Cottee Parker Architects


Belinda is a Senior Associate and registered Architect with an extensive background in Seniors Living, Health, Education, Government and Community projects. As a joint founder and speaker of the industry forum ‘Places for Ageing Australia’, she is a passionate leader across the seniors living sector.

As an industry leader, Belinda brings a comprehensive knowledge of construction and the ability to collaborate with a diverse range of key stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes for her projects. She understands the importance of connecting her clients and team expertise to develop meaningful buildings with stakeholders who take pride in their facilities and the stories that have contributed to the design.

With diverse architectural experience, Belinda leads the management and delivery of projects throughout all stages of consultation, design, and delivery. At Cottee Parker Architects, she strives to educate, mentor and inspire her strong team to grow their passion for design.


Advancing the Quality of the Built Enviroment for our Elders. 

Introduction to Places for Ageing

Places for Ageing Australia is a community of designers, providers & advocates who promote research, innovation and best practice in the design of healthy places for ageing. Our membership includes architects, planners, policy makers, facility operators, institutional and government agencies and researchers with a common interest in advancing the quality of the built environment for our elders.

Places for Ageing Australia has engaged with ACCPA leadership (Ian Poalses and Paul Murphy) and have started the process to become an ACCPA Special Interest Group.

We would like to take the opportunity to engage with ACCPA by hosting a concurrent session to introduce Places for Ageing to ACCPA providers, highlighting the benefits of best practice environments and providing design insights and practical solutions.

The chair of the session would introduce Places for Ageing and then our three advocate arms would be represented:

The Why
This session will outline the benefits of improved environments as we age, relying on research to understand the impact of our environment on our wellbeing as elders.
Suggested speakers: Kelli Dendle / Evonne Millar / Matthew Hutchinson

The How
This session will outline how environments can be designed to improve how we live as we age. We will outline the process of best practice design including the consultation process and phases of design from initial feasibility / capital planning through to construction. We will provide a number of examples of best practice design responding to current and future trends in living and care, from small changes that have big impacts to significant decisions that have ramifications to a small scale.
Suggested speakers: Belinda Douglas, Ryan Loveday, Ingrid Marshall, Rose Plater

The What
This session will focus on the outcomes of well designed environments, providing case study examples and highlighting the lived experience. We will showcase examples of what the design process and built outcomes deliver for elders as well as the providers. This session is proposed as a panel with three providers outlining a project followed by Q+A
Suggested speakers: Uniting Care / Benevolent Living / Anglicare / Nazareth Care / Keyton

If this concept is considered by ACCPA we will work to lock in the proposed speakers and provide the additional information as soon as possible.