Professor Bianca Brijnath
Director Social Gerontology, NARI


Professor Bianca Brijnath is the Divisional Director of Social Gerontology at the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI). Her disciplinary training is in medical anthropology and public health and her research expertise is in cultural diversity, dementia, and mental health. Within these disciplinary and contextual boundaries, she has undertaken several studies on dementia prevention, awareness, diagnosis and care, specific to culturally diverse communities in Australia and internationally. She has authored over 100 publications, including a sole-authored book with Berghahn Books titled “Unforgotten: Love and the culture of dementia care in India” and produced  more than 30 multilingual films, comics and animations. In recognition of her research, she was inducted into the State Government of Victoria’s Multicultural Honour Roll in 2022.


Tackling Worker Racial Discrimination 

Racism against workers in aged care is a deeply concerning issue that not only harms the dedicated individuals providing crucial care to our elderly population but also compromises the quality of care received by vulnerable seniors. This not only undermines the morale and wellbeing of the diverse aged care workforce but may also hinder worker attraction and retention and the development of a truly inclusive and compassionate caregiving environment.