Cam Ansell

Ansell Strategic

Mergers and Acquisitions – Surfing the Third Wave

Wednesday 12 October 2022

2:30pm – 3:00pm

Speaker Bio

Cam is a Chartered Accountant and the Managing Director of Ansell Strategic.

With over 25 years of experience in the aged care and retirement living industries, Cam is a recognised national and international speaker.

He has been integral in some of the largest transactions in aged care, having been involved in transactions across Australia and New Zealand worth more than $2.6 billion and has been responsible for a number of mergers and partnerships between charitable entities as a registered real estate and business agent.

He has led major studies across Australia and New Zealand advising Government and the aged care industry on financial viability and sustainability and has undertaken comprehensive financial and operational reviews of disability, retirement living and aged care services across Australia, USA, Asia and New Zealand.

Cam is a recognised thought leader in the sector.


Aged care has just endured the toughest 5 years ever. We now move into a period of unprecedented growth and change. The stage is set:

• The Royal Commission and pandemic reminded the country of how critical aged care is;

• We are experiencing the largest demographic shift in the history of the world; and

• A new Government with this sector as its top priority and a recently defeated political foe to blame for an expensive fix.

In any reform environment, we have three broad options:

1. We can take first mover advantage and head in the direction we believe in;

2. We can make the call to exit all or part of the business that won’t get us where we need to be; or

3. We can do nothing.

For any industry in transition, it is the ones that do nothing that will disappear, along with the ones that run too fast without direction. The truth is – most will do nothing.

In an over-regulated, government subsidised industry, a freeze response is the most common one and it is understandable. We’ve never really had the impetus or freedom to think too far outside the box. And it is easy to find paralysis through analysis when everyone else is sitting still.

But change we must – and beyond the requirements that come with the Government’s reform program. And already we are seeing movement – Calvary acquired Japara’s 50 homes for $400m. Bolton Clarke acquired Allity’s 43 homes for $700m. While some expand or exit, others are investing in integrated models. AU purchased Greengate’s integrated campuses and now European super fund, EQT,  has invested $1b to buy Stockland’s retirement villages to build an aged care continuum.

Ansell Strategic has been at the centre of these transactions and will present the strategies for expansion, divestment and diversification of services to meet this new market. 

As the sector transitions between COVID and an uncertain reform agenda, it’s time to get big, get tough or get out!