Cameron Kirby
Director, Chanje Partners


Cameron is an industry leader in the establishment, management, and sale of seniors living communities across Australia.
A Chartered Accountant and Licensed Real Estate Agent, he has over 30 years’ executive experience including a number of successful merger and acquisition transactions and restructures.

As the former CEO and CFO of the Mark Moran Group, he completed the development of its award-winning Mark Moran Vaucluse village. More recently he has been guiding new market entrants in setting-up for success in seniors living.

In his role as Director at Chanje Partners, Cameron uses his many years of aged care and retirement living experience to provide developers keen to enter the sector and established operators with strategic, hands-on services to ensure their financial, operational, and sales success.

Together with Jen and Stacey he’s not afraid to break new ground and create innovative solutions to solve long-standing challenges in response to market demand.

Why Care Needs to be Integrated into Seniors Living Communities.

There has been much discussion around how Boomers want to live into the future and its clear they:

Are not interested in Aged Care their parents lived
Want control
Don’t want to be a burden
Want to retain independence
Want to downsize not downgrade
Like lock and leave
Value safety and security
Seek peace of mind

Future buyers are telling us that they want to live in a comfortable apartment or villa and have care and support delivered to them.

Through our experience in Home Care, Retirement Living and Aged care we have also witnessed where residents have been proactive around their future care and support needs, they achieve the independence, choice and control they seek.

We believe providers of seniors living communities need to take a holistic approach to care and ensure care is integrated into their communities to help deliver what Boomers want.

Despite what some think in the industry, integrated is not simply:
Co-locating with an aged care facility
Signing a deal with a Home Care provider
Or saying that’s up to families

Delivering true integrated care into a community it is not a patch, but a genuine holistic approach to the wellness, care and support of the resident in all levels of the community operation.

It is creating a community with:
Care at the forefront
Residents creating lifestyle and ageing plans
Ageing seen as a positive and milestones are celebrated
An operational structure that connects residents to what they need when they need it
Residents supported to safely stay at home for a long as possible
A flexible structure caters to residents and the markets changing needs
Proactive and open communication with residents about their current and future needs.

Living the lifestyle that you choose, in the accommodation you choose, receiving support for your lifestyle, but also your health and care needs too. A resident should be able to receive all levels of care into the accommodation that resident chooses.

This could be:
Retirement Living
Over 55’s
Aged Care
Private Care

Because it’s what the current and future customers want.
Importantly if they are being asked to pay for their care needs, they will demand far more and will pay to get what they want.

Reminder residents want, choice, control, independence, not to burden families, safety and security and greater certainty about their future.

Integrating care delivers to operators:
Product Demand
Happy vibrant communities
Streamlined costs
Market and brand recognition
High occupancy levels
Reduced days on market