Carmela Sergi
Interim CEO, Care Economy CRC


An accomplished senior executive and intellectual property attorney, Carmela has a driving passion to improve health and care practice through collaboration, knowledge translation and industry uptake of research findings. Carmela has extensive experience in developing partnerships and fostering collaboration at local, national and international levels. Carmela works with diverse stakeholders such as Federal and State governments, Australian and international universities, industry, health services, consumer organisations and business including start-up, SME and large corporations. 

In 2021 alone, Carmela led the successful development of three significant national research collaborative bids, including securing Federal government funding to establish Aged Care Research and Industry Innovation Australia (ARIIA).  As the Founding CEO of ARIIA, Carmela held a critical role in developing the new ARIIA model, establishing and implementing ARIIA, including opening the first ARIIA innovator training program and grant round.  Carmela is now the Interim CEO of the Care Economy CRC bid. 



The Care Economy 

The Care economy in Australia represents a crucial and dynamic sector that plays a pivotal role in supporting our aging population. In recent years, we have seen significant growth in the demand for aged care services, driven by demographic shifts and changing healthcare needs. As we discuss the challenges and opportunities in this sector, we must focus on innovative solutions and collaborative efforts to ensure that our seniors receive the dignity and care they deserve in their golden years.