Patricia Sparrow
CEO, COTA Australia


Catherine de Fontenay commenced a 5 year term as a full time Commissioner with the Productivity Commission in July 2019. 

After completing her PhD in 1998 at Stanford University, Catherine taught at the University of New South Wales. She joined the University of Melbourne in 2001, and held roles in the Business School and the Economics Department. She has held visiting positions at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Stanford University, and the Stern School of Business, New York University. Most recently she was an Associate Professor of Economics at the Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne. 

Her research has been published in a number of international journals, including the American Economic Review, the RAND Journal of Economics, and the Journal of Industrial Economics. In competition economics, her research has focused on firm-to-firm negotiations, and how mergers or exclusive dealing contracts will affect negotiated outcomes. She has also researched topics from organisational economics and development economics. 

The Care Economy 

The Care economy in Australia represents a crucial and dynamic sector that plays a pivotal role in supporting our aging population. In recent years, we have seen significant growth in the demand for aged care services, driven by demographic shifts and changing healthcare needs. As we discuss the challenges and opportunities in this sector, we must focus on innovative solutions and collaborative efforts to ensure that our seniors receive the dignity and care they deserve in their golden years.