Catherine Thorpe

D&G HR And Management Solutions

C1 – Workforce Solutions You Can Implement Now

Thursday 13 October 2022

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Speaker Bio

Catherine Thorpe is a Senior Executive Consultant in Strategic HR, People and Culture Management, and Industrial Relations, demonstrating over twenty-five years Executive and Board Director experience with private and not-for-profit organisations in the health, aged, and allied service sectors. 

She has in depth knowledge and experience with risk identification and management, compliance, quality and performance optimization, in the areas of People and Culture, HR, IR, Workplace Relations,  and the Aged Care Quality Standards, with particular regard to Standard 7 and Workforce.

As Director of D&G HR and Management Solutions, Catherine’s passion is in assisting providers in response to enterprise growth and transformation, workforce engagement, transformational leadership, Operational and HR due diligence, business transitioning, accreditation preparation and sanctions management.

Amongst other qualifications Catherine holds a Bachelor of Economics (Human Resources and IR), and a Masters of Labour Law and Labour Relations from the University of Sydney.