Claire Ward
Head of Marketing, Anchor Excellence


Claire Ward possesses a remarkable ability to apply a strategic perspective within a consumer-centric market landscape. Drawing upon exceptional skills, knowledge, and expertise spanning the aged care seniors living and home industry, Claire’s contributions hold substantial weight in the enhancement and enrichment of customer experiences. Additionally, she adeptly leverages data to provide insightful guidance for shaping astute business choices.

Backed by a wealth of experience in marketing and communication, Claire demonstrates, crafted and executed strategies with remarkable efficacy. Her strategies stimulate lead generation and acquisition but also foster unwavering customer loyalty.

Unlock your village’s potential by embracing continuous improvement and best practice, your stakeholders will thank you for it!

Following the 2017 Four Corners/Fairfax investigation “Bleed em dry, Till they Die” which focused on the practices of one village operator, AVEO, the industry responded and formulated its 8 point plan, committing to “a policy platform that delivers quality resident experience”.

Legislative reviews also followed and are ongoing across the country which are now mandating that retirement village operators have the knowledge, policy, process and systems in order to operate their retirement communities with greater transparency than ever before. Combine this with ever increasing competition, the decision to embrace continuous improvement and best practice for your village operations needs to be a strategic focus.

Being able to demonstrate that your village is continually improving and adopting best practice results in improved service delivery to residents which is a strong value proposition, and one which can be leveraged to gain market share. This strategic focus will also provide confidence and reassurance to Boards, financiers, valuers and insurers that the village operations are being managed effectively.