Craig Baker
Executive Lead, IPS Management Consultants


Craig has over 20 years of HR experience including Global Recruitment & Talent Manager at Rio Tinto and Fortescue Future Industries.

Craig is an HR Strategic Manager at IPS Management Consultants, specializing in the improvement and optimisation of process, systems and people across the HR Spectrum, especially in Recruitment and HR Services.

Building Tomorrow’s Workforce: A Case Study in HR System Implementation Success

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of the modern Aged Care workplaces, organisations face the imperative to adapt, innovate, and build a workforce capable of meeting the challenges of tomorrow. One critical aspect of this transformation is the successful implementation of Human Resources (HR) systems that not only streamline HR processes but also empower organisations to attract and retain top talent. This presentation offers an in-depth exploration of a real-world case study in HR system implementation success, providing valuable insights and lessons for other Aged Care organisations seeking to embark on their own transformation journey.

Our case study revolves around Aegis Aged Care which recently underwent a comprehensive HR system implementation. We will delve into the key aspects that contributed to the success of this endeavour, drawing upon best practices, innovative strategies, and lessons learned. Our analysis will cover the following critical areas:

(1) Strategic Solution: We will examine how Aegis ensured that its HR system implementation aligned with solving some of its people management challenges. This alignment was crucial in driving the organisation toward its future workforce goals.

(2) Change Management: Successful implementation requires buy-in from all stakeholders. We will explore the challenges of the change and what the HR team did to address the challenges.

(3) Technology Selection: The selection of the right HR technology is paramount. We will discuss Aegis evaluation process, vendor selection, and the factors that led to their final choice and how the technology chosen addressed the challenges other similar organisations face.

(4) Data Migration and Integration: Seamless data migration and integration with existing systems are often challenging. We will outline how Aegis tackled these hurdles effectively, ensuring minimal disruption during implementation.

(5) User Experience: A user-friendly system is essential for widespread adoption. We will highlight the design principles that made the new HR system intuitive and appealing to the HR team, candidates, employees and other users.

By examining the Aegis case study, this presentation aims to provide attendees with actionable takeaways for their own HR system implementation projects. Whether you are a seasoned HR professional, an IT specialist, or a business leader, this session will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to build a workforce ready to thrive in the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s workplace. Join us in exploring the journey from vision to success in building tomorrow’s workforce through effective HR system implementation.