Dan Sandiford
Co-Founder & CEO, Groworx


A seasoned executive and entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of helping multinationals leverage global workforces to meet strategic objectives and achieve competitive advantage.

His vision for Groworx is to create a paradigm shift in the industry, empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of the global workforce with ease and efficiency. He established Groworx as the largest offshore recruiter and trainer of care workers and nurses from the Philippines.

Dan actively engages with industry experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to shape the future of healthcare workforce management and training. He is also a frequent guest speaker at industry events where he shares perspectives on the impact of global trends that can be leveraged to support and innovate the healthcare workforce sector.



Workforce Attraction & Retention

The aged care sector faces a complex web of challenges when it comes to workforce attraction and retention. One of the primary challenges is the increasing demand for skilled professionals amidst a shortage of qualified workers. As the ageing population grows, there’s a pressing need for more healthcare providers, nurses, and support staff, putting immense strain on recruitment efforts. Additionally, the demanding nature of the work, can lead to burnout and high turnover rates among aged care workers. The industry must also contend with issues related to competitive compensation and perceived limited career advancement opportunities, which can deter potential employees and cause existing ones to seek better prospects elsewhere. These multifaceted challenges require a comprehensive approach, including improved training programs, better working conditions, and enhanced recognition for the vital role that aged care workers play in our communities.