Workforce Supply in Aged Care – how will the Industry Deliver on the Governments Promise

Wednesday 12 October 2022

2:30pm – 3:00pm

Speaker Bio

Darrell has 30 years’ experience in professional services, the commercial, not for profit and public sectors in Australia. He has a strong track record in developing trusted relationships, leading strategic development, change, transformation, business optimisation and commercialisation in both external and client-side roles. 

Through effective engagement and focussed facilitation processes, Darrell has led change and transformation in the Queensland Government, commercialisation and streamlining of services in aged and community care, outsourcing hospital services to the community sector, all of which required cultural and systemic change. 



Modelling the demand side of the aged care workforce is easy. What constraints will be applied to the supply side and what can be done about it. What can the sector realistically deliver in aiming to deliver on government policy.  What will it cost?

Understanding the supply side constraints on the aged care workforce, and demand side that will lead to increasing squeezes on the ability of the sector to deliver.

We know there are workforce shortages. What are the causes and how long will it take to recover – the labour market as a dynamic cost in an environment of regulated revenues.