Diane Bretherton

Director, Disaster and Emergency Management, Metro North Health


16 years’ experience in emergency management leading in a variety of senior disaster response, project, policy and planning roles at state and district levels. Highly experienced in incident management in forward command, district and state EOCs, business continuity, strategic and tactical disaster management program/policy/planning, and in leadership and capability development across a range of sectors including health, energy, oil and gas, education, financial services and emergency services. Particular interest and expertise in building and implementing programs from the ground up in large complex organisations and in relationship management in complex disaster management environments.

Specialties: Organisational resilience, ground-up development / program management, strategy and policy development, emergency management planning and operational response, incident management, communication, analysis, leadership, disaster recovery management and planning, business continuity management, risk management and assessments, disaster specific financial policy and interagency operational roles.