Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts
CEO, Trevor-Roberts


Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts is the CEO of Trevor-Roberts, a leading Australian talent and career development company. Edwin has studied and explored the world of work extensively over the last two decades and has presented to a wide range of audiences in Australia and internationally. Edwin consults to organisations across all industry sectors, particularly NFPs, in leadership and career development. His passion is helping people find and experience meaningful work, and creating organisations where everybody can thrive.

Edwin holds a PhD from the University of Queensland’s Business School in career development. He is a regular writer on career issues and has co-authored several articles and book chapters on careers, culture and leadership. He is an Adjunct Professor at Griffith University, and Chair of their Advisory Board for the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing. Edwin is also a Co-founder of the Gross National Happiness Centre of Australia.



Leading Through Change: Igniting Lifelong Learning and Motivation in Aged Care Leadership

In a rapidly evolving world poised for more transformation in the next three years than the last century, the role of leaders in aged care is undergoing a profound shift. Dr. Edwin Trevor-Roberts, a specialist in leadership and career development, presents a thought-provoking keynote titled “Leading Through Change: Igniting Lifelong Learning and Motivation in Aged Care Leadership”, where he delves into the imperative of embracing learning agility as an essential skill for leaders to excel in dynamic and uncertain environments.

Edwin’s keynote addresses the fundamental challenge of navigating uncertainty and thriving in the face of change. Drawing on his extensive expertise, he shares actionable insights that are pivotal for leaders in the aged care sector. The keynote is structured around four core pillars:

1. Breaking Free from Learning History: Edwin emphasises the need for leaders to shed the limitations imposed by past learning experiences. By leaving behind old paradigms, leaders can unlock new avenues for growth, enabling them to navigate the complex challenges of the aged care landscape.

2. Crafting Future-Ready Skills by rethinking career structures: The evolving landscape of aged care demands a balance between specialised expertise and adaptable skills. Edwin illuminates the key skills required to thrive in this context, encouraging leaders to shape their careers to excel in the now and be prepared for what may come.

3. Leveraging Micro-Cycles for Swift Growth: In a world of rapid change, the power of quick learning cycles is paramount. Edwin explores the concept of continuous learning, enabling leaders to swiftly adapt to shifts in the industry. Understanding the different mechanisms through which we learn allows leaders to use the shifting context of aged care to develop.

4. Everyday Learning Strategies for Real Impact: Practical strategies for integrating learning into daily routines are a central focus of the keynote. Edwin underscores the significance of transforming everyday encounters into opportunities for development, ultimately leading to enhanced leadership capabilities.

Throughout the keynote, Edwin elaborates on the concept of “meaningful work” – work that provides agency, belonging, contribution, and significance. He emphasises that these elements are amplified when leaders adopt a mindset of curiosity and engage in continuous learning cycles. Drawing parallels between the concepts of single, double, and triple loop learning, Edwin illuminates how leaders can transcend mere action and delve deeper into assumptions and broader contextual influences.

Edwin’s keynote resonates deeply with audiences, as he underscores the necessity of adapting to the changing nature of work. He challenges the traditional notion of linear career paths and presents a new perspective: the “M-shaped career,” which integrates specialised expertise with essential human skills. By nurturing both aspects, leaders can thrive in the complex, ever-changing landscape of aged care.

In conclusion of this keynote, Edwin offers a compelling roadmap for leaders in the aged care sector to navigate change and uncertainty. By embracing learning agility, continuously refining their skills, and engaging in reflective practices, leaders can empower themselves and their teams to excel in the evolving world of aged care.