Elyssia Clark
General Manager, Customer, Insights & Marketing, Benetas


Elyssia Clark is GM, Customer, Insights & Marketing at Benetas. Elyssia brings a strong background in data, customer experience and marketing, with deep expertise in using insights and analytics to design and deliver better customer experiences. She worked locally and overseas for notable research agencies including the Wallis Consulting Group, Kantar and DBM Consultants, then held several senior leadership roles at Mercer, leading Insights and Analytics, Marketing and Customer Experience teams.

Most recently, Elyssia led the Customer Insights and Strategy team at SEEK, before joining Benetas, where she is responsible for Communications, Marketing, Insights and Customer Experience across Retirement Living, Community Home Care and Residential Aged Care operations.

Elyssia is a Co-Chair of the CX Collective, and a Customer Insights Symposium Advisory board member. She holds a Masters in Strategic Marketing, a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science (Social Statistics) and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Media).

Measuring Quality Requires Quality in Measuring

All aged care providers are now required to deliver two additional measures of the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program (QI Program). These measures aim to assess consumer experiences in aged care and perceptions of quality of life.

Benetas has 13 aged care homes around Victoria, ranging in size and complexity of residents. We strongly support the need to listen to our residents and get their perspective on how we can improve our level of service – this is a core part of how we operate as a business. However, given the significant volume of work involved to collect this additional data, we believe it’s critical that the data collection process is easy and accessible for residents, while delivering clear, accurate insights for us as a provider.

Given the challenges our industry is facing, we want to share our experience and learnings in gathering this data with our peers in the aged care sector.

This session will deliver:
1. A quick recap on what aged care providers are now expected to deliver in relation to Consumer Experience and Quality of Life surveys
2. Our experiences in piloting the Consumer Experience and Quality of Life surveys, our learnings and what we changed as a result.
3. Our thoughts on the surveys themselves, and potential implications on the quality of data being collected.
4. Practical guidance for aged care providers when undertaking the new QCE-ACC/QOL-ACC surveys

This session will be of value to individuals responsible for managing the collection of this data, along with Quality and Research teams. We seek to share our experience in doing the surveys, advocate for a review of some of the survey questions, and help providers better understand what they need to do to fulfil their obligations in a way that is efficient and effective, while maintaining data integrity.