Evonne Miller
Professor of Design Psychology and Director, QUT Design Lab at Queensland University of Technology


Evonne Miller is Professor of Design Psychology and Director of the QUT Design Lab at Queensland University of Technology. Her research centres on design for health, and she is co-Director of the Queensland Health funded HEAL (Healthcare Excellence AcceLerator) initiative, which embeds designers, and “design doing and thinking”, into healthcare. She has authored, co-authored, or edited five books, including How designers are transforming healthcare (Springer, 2024), Creative Arts-Based Research in Aged Care (Routledge, 2021), and Redesigning the Unremarkable (Routledge, 2023) which explore the value of design in reimaging our future.  



Advancing the Quality of the Built Enviroment for our Elders. – Acamdemics: The Why

This session will outline the benefits of improved environments as we age, relying on research to understand the impact of our environment on our wellbeing as elders. Evonne will document the value of evidence-based design in aged care design, outlining the value of and examples of biophilic, salutogenic (health-promoting), sustainable, and playable design practice, as well as the importance of co-location in creating places that are connected to the community. As how aged care is designed reinforces or challenges “ideologies of care”, this session will explore how interior and exterior design decisions affect residents, their families, and staff.