George Genimahaliotis
National Older Persons Reference Group, OPAN


George has been part of the National Older Persons Reference Group since its formation in 2020. He is the immediate past president of the Pan Macedonian Federation of South Australia and a long-serving member of the Board of Management of Multicultural Aged Care. George is also the secretary of the Greek Ex-Servicemen’s Association of South Australia and a volunteer in the Lions Club of Adelaide Hellenic. He has a wide knowledge of the multicultural community and is an advocate for older people with CALD backgrounds, especially in the Greek community.


Tackling Worker Racial Discrimination 

Racism against workers in aged care is a deeply concerning issue that not only harms the dedicated individuals providing crucial care to our elderly population but also compromises the quality of care received by vulnerable seniors. This not only undermines the morale and wellbeing of the diverse aged care workforce but may also hinder worker attraction and retention and the development of a truly inclusive and compassionate caregiving environment.