Dr George Margelis
Independent Chair, Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council


Dr George Margelis is the Chair of the Aged Care Industry Technology Council and is an experienced Medical Practitioner with a key interest in innovative practice in aged and community care. He has several decades of experience in delivering leading-edge new technologies and digitalisation of health and aged care. Dr Margelis is a board member of a CALD aged care provider which gives him a firsthand understanding of the impact of aged care reforms in the sector.

What is the Evidence Indicating as the Drivers of Effective and Quality Change for Digitally Enable Care and Support of Older People

Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) has an established long-term history of providing quality evidence to inform decision and policy making in relation to promoting and realising digitally enabled care and support of older people as well as advocating for the needs and improvements that are required in the aged and community sector to achieve this. Over the past five years an extensive body of work has been undertaken by ACIITC which builds a pathway to a clear understanding of what the evidence is for the investment in and the activities needed to fully achieve an acceptable level of digital maturity. These explorations include the key considerations for workforce development, service model design and technology applications.

This presentation will explore a range of specific topics including detailing the results of ACIITC 2023 National Aged and Community Care Digital Maturity Survey, the Use of Clinical Care Systems in Residential Aged Care research investigations, Data Standardisation priorities, along with resource development and investment pathways that are required. Our presentation will detail the practical considerations required to effectively position for the digitally enable care and support required in the age of change for aged and community care providers.