Graeme Prior

CEO, Hall & Prior Health & Aged Care Group



Graeme Prior is the co-founder and CEO of Hall & Prior Aged Care Group; which began with a single family-owned nursing home and now operates 36 aged care communities across Australia, and 4 home care services, offering world-class care and employing 3,220 staff.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia and is a chartered accountant. Having worked with the top four international accounting firms, Mr Prior recognised his passion for aged care while running his own accounting practice. Giving back to the local community while advocating for aged care globally has always been the cornerstone of his business ethos.
Along with his passion for the industry he has an innate understanding of the issues facing aged care; cultural diversity, Indigenous care, poverty, homelessness, prisoner care, dementia management and inclusivity.

Leading the organisation’s commitment to enhancing social outcomes through the provision of carefully considered, quality and accessible care options for all older people no matter what their individual circumstances or background; supporting research and education; and significant sector investment, including designing and building new, world-class aged care homes that respond to Australia’s growing demand for quality aged care choices.

His current positions include; Director, Board of Baycrest Seniors Care (Toronto, CA); Member, WHO (World Health Organisation) Global Network on Long-term care (GNLTC); President, International Federation on Ageing (UN Auspice Organisation based in Toronto), with a focus on delivering global outcomes in aged care; Deputy Chairman of the CRC for Mental Health and Chairman of Audit and Risk Committee; Chairman, Alzheimer’s Research Australia. Previous roles have included Member, National Aged Care Advisory Council (Ministerial Appointment); Chair, Financing and Markets Advisory Subgroup of NACAC; Director and Acting Chair of the Australian Aged Care Workforce Industry Council; Committee Member of the Commonwealth Department of Health’s Aged Care Sector Committee (Ministerial Appointment); Chair of Council of the Aged Care Industry IT Council (ACIITC); Committee member of Commonwealth Department of Health’s Funding Restructure Taskforce for Residential Aged Care (ACFI) (Ministerial Appointment); Past President and Board Member of the Aged Care Association Australia – Western Australia (ACAA-WA) – now known as Aged & Community Care Providers Association Ltd.