Graham Russell
CEO, Talius


Graham has over 20 years’ experience building & expanding technology companies across the APAC region. He has stayed at the forefront of innovation and new technologies, such as IoT, AI & Big Data Analytics to develop hardware &software solutions for industries as diverse as Security & Aged Care. He’s passionate about helping our older generation stay independent &improve their quality of life, later in life. In his role as Managing director of the ASX-listed Talius Group Limited, Graham is challenging the status quo of the industry & looking into the future of Aged Care &how technology can help us build a genuinely people-centric system. Instrumental in the launch & development of the Talius™ system, a sensor-based platform that analyses sensors & creates proactive alerts for care providers, Graham has worked with numerous national aged care providers, government agencies, utility & telecommunication companies to transform the way we approach aged care.

Inspiring Technology that Improves Aged Care Services: An International Review

From interactive televisions from Israel, to ballistic cardiography that replaces bed mats developed in Canada, join an interactive discussion that explores the technology that is shaping quality aged care from around the world.

Can Real Time Location Systems used in other industries help track and manage care minutes, workforce planning and asset tracking? Perhaps this will hold the answers to understanding the real cost of care. Learn about AI voice generation and how health services in Spain are making millions of phone calls and escalating those who need treatment. How can automation for time-consuming repetitive tasks be achieved? Can one device be a multiplier of value? How can a design for sustainable organisational change be balanced with the investment needed.

We will review some essential criteria in choosing devices and share the review checklist to help decision-making on what does “good” and “fit for purpose” look like. In this session, you will learn about how technology is creating sustainable positive change and theme those essential ingredients so your plans lead to success in your organisation.