Grant Corderoy
Senior Partner, StewartBrown Chartered Accountants


Grant Corderoy is the Senior Partner and leads the Consulting division of StewartBrown. Grant has a large and longstanding commitment and involvement with the not-for-profit and charitable sector, having specialised in a range of services including undertaking complex accounting assignments, governance reviews, risk assessments, system reviews, internal audits, management consulting, specialised audits and general business advice. He is highly respected within the aged, community service and disability sectors and regularly contributes to the financial policy and sustainability direction of these sectors in consultation with the Department, peak bodies, providers and consumer advocates.

Financial Viability & Sustainability – StewartBrown Update, funding, finance and focus areas

Through the StewartBrown Aged Care Financial Performance Survey, we will provide a financial viability and sustainability update based on the FY 2023 results for both Residential Aged Care Homes and Home Care Packages. We will highlight the key financial areas of concern including funding (care, indirect services & accommodation), key performance indicators, HCP revenue utilization, cash flow issues and balance sheet impacts.

Deep dive analysis of AN-ACC, basic daily fee, accommodation pricing, direct care minutes, wage increases, star ratings, key expense areas such as catering.

Using the Survey data and consultation with with Providers, Peaks and the Department of Health and Aged Care, we will discuss insights and provide examples of areas of focus for providers so that they can make improvements to financial outcomes.