The Financial Performance of the Sector and it’s Sustainability

Wednesday 12 October 2022

4:00pm – 5:00pm

Speaker Bio

Grant is the Senior Partner at StewartBrown and would be regarded as
being one of the foremost financial and policy authorities for aged and community services in Australia His firm, StewartBrown are market leaders in undertaking analysis of the financial performance of providers of home care (with 500+ Home Care programs participating) and residential care
(with 950+ residential facilities participating). Their understanding of the financial performance of providers, and more broadly the sector, is well respected and sought out by industry and
government alike.


This hour-long special presentation and discussion session will provide the Conference with an authoritative update on the current financial sustainability of the aged care sector and an expert exploration of the key directions that providers and ACCPA can drive for change and excellence in the care of senior Australians.

The sector financial update will be provided by Grant Corderoy, Senior Partner of StewartBrown. He is Australia’s most respected voice on the financial operations of aged care providers and publishes the leading Financial Performance Survey Report. Conference participants will receive a detailed understanding of the drivers of financial viability across the various business elements involved in delivering residential and home care and the trends the sector has been facing.

The challenges that providers, government and consumers face in turning the current unsustainable sector situation around will be explored by Mike Woods, Professor of Health Economics at the University of Technology and Editorial Chair of the Aged Care Sector Report. 

Providers will be guided through the various opportunities they have to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations, as part of the Conference theme of It’s Up To Us! The presentation will also identify some other significant measures that providers can advocate for, including adequacy of funding by government and from consumers who have the capacity to make more equitable contributions.

As part of this special session, there will be an extended opportunity for Conference participants to take part in a frank discussion with Grant, Mike and the session chair.