Izmir Pooloo,
Operations Manager, Your Aged Care at Home



Izmir Pooloo is an experienced Operations and ICT Manager at Your Aged Care at Home, with a keen focus on regulatory compliance within the aged care sector. Their role in assimilating the Aged Care Quality Standards in 2019 has been pivotal, ensuring the organisation not only meets industry benchmarks but remains compliant with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. Izmir’s leadership was instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic, swiftly implementing public health orders and legislative requirements to maintain the highest standards of care.

In response to the Fair Work Commission Work Value Case of 2022, Izmir oversaw the adaptation of employee entitlements, introducing progressive changes like minimum engagement times and broken shifts for home care workers. This initiative reflects their commitment to fair work practices and employee welfare. As the industry moves towards the Strengthened Quality Standards, Izmir continues to lead staff training and education, emphasizing the importance of compliance and quality in every aspect of service.

Beyond regulatory expertise, Izmir has significantly advanced the organization’s technological capabilities. Their initiative in transitioning to a paperless system through cloud applications and Office 365 has streamlined operations, enhancing efficiency and compliance. Izmir’s comprehensive approach to management, combining operational diligence with IT acumen, positions them as a key driver of innovation and excellence at Your Aged Care at Home.