James Langanke

Fire Up Solutions Pty Ltd

Facing a ‘Once-in-a-lifetime’ Transformation? How to do it and Not Break your Organisation or People.


Wednesday 12 October 2022

3:00pm – 3:30pm

Speaker Bio

James is a co-founder of Fire up Solutions with expertise in Human-centred transformation.

James has over 20 years experience guiding leaders to lift organisation performance and workforce engagement to achieve strategic outcomes. Working closely with leaders to build trust, James improves their capacity to lead transformational change and create a positive, engaging experience for their people.

Bringing significant front-line operational experience, he has thrived in delivering results in unionised, disengaged and change weary workforces. His experience spans, learning and development, workforce planning, and business resilience and change programs.

James brings a wealth of experience from top-tier organisations such as QANTAS, Woolworths, Defence, government agencies, and the Not-for-profit sector.


The challenge: Leaders everywhere are grappling with how organisations adapt and transform while remaining resilient in the face of the relentless crisis and change that is part of ‘the new normal.’

Aged care is about to go through a ‘once in a lifetime’ transformation**Sean Rooney, 2021

For many aged care providers, this will mean reimagining how your organisation works— repositioning in the market in response to new competition, consolidation, and royal commission-driven reforms. How do you transform your organisation without breaking it or your people? How do you build organisational and workforce resilience in the ‘new normal?


We’ll focus on what works, exploring 3 practical strategies for your transformation:

1/ Is being agile enough? No, organisations need to be resilient

2/ Transform without breaking your organisation or your people

3/ Build workforce and personal resilience as you go

We’ll share practical strategies for your transformation, drawing on successes in aged care and insights from other sectors.

1/ Is being agile enough? No, organisations need to be resilient.

Agility is seen as the cure for almost everything because it puts humans in the centre. But agility is not enough; ‘Agile’ rhymes with ‘fragile’ because ‘pure agile’ often leads to broken processes and people..

You need a resilient organisation, not fragile; you don’t want to ‘break’ your organisation or your people.

We define resilience as the capacity for the whole organisation to flex; absorb the shock of a crisis, adapt and transform by flexing around human needs, and keep everything else connected.

2/ Transform without breaking your organisation or people.

If you want a successful transformation, it’s crucial you start by listening to your care workers. They know what will work and what is likely to break.

However, with the aged care workforce experiencing a crisis of exhaustion, more than 75% of leaders will seek to protect their people’s time. So instead of listening, they’re likely to ‘just design changes in the back room’ and quickly push them out.

The irony is that this could overload an already ‘exhausted’ workforce and threaten both your workforce and organisation’s resilience.

3/ Build workforce and personal resilience as you go.

A ‘guided’ transformation process engages people on the journey. Listening to them, understanding the challenges and working with them to design solutions builds personal and workforce resilience and a risk-based approach to organisational resilience and crisis response.

Never assume a challenge is insurmountable. If you empower your frontline teams the right way, you give them ‘agency’ to overcome the challenges they see, and they will generate no end of creative solutions. It’s the ‘agency’ that builds resilience.

Presentation includes: Sharing what works in an interactive and engaging presentation;

Case studies in aged care and relevant cross-industry insights; Q&A interaction with the audience and/ or industry scenario; Optional cross-industry panel discussion with executives from aged care and other industries.

Facing a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ transformation? How to do it and not break your organisation or people.