Jane Bacot-Kilpatrick
CEO, Carers Australia


Jane has focused her working life on human services, particularly in the for-purpose sector and in not-for-profit organisations. 

Before moving to Australia in 2009, Jane held a series of senior leadership roles in the National Health Service in the UK in the acute hospital setting focusing on issues that affect the experience of the service user – clinical and information governance.  In Australia, Jane has worked in senior national roles in primary health care and most recently in aged care at Leading Age Services Australia and ACCPA, invariably during periods of significant change and challenge such as the Royal Commission, COVID and ACCPA’s establishment. 

Jane joined Carers Australia in early 2023, originally leading the suite of government funded programs focusing on the experience of carers and now leads the organisation as Chief Executive Officer. Carers Australia advocates on a wide range of issues that affect carers to influence national policies and services. It also works collaboratively with other organisations, including the network of state and territory carer organisations, to develop policies, programs, services, and events to improve the lives of Australia’s carers – supporting them, and upholding their rights. 

Jane has experience of being a carer herself and is dedicated to the work of Carers Australia to fulfil its objectives and to putting the care into carers. 


The Care Economy 

The Care economy in Australia represents a crucial and dynamic sector that plays a pivotal role in supporting our aging population. In recent years, we have seen significant growth in the demand for aged care services, driven by demographic shifts and changing healthcare needs. As we discuss the challenges and opportunities in this sector, we must focus on innovative solutions and collaborative efforts to ensure that our seniors receive the dignity and care they deserve in their golden years.