Jason Binder


Surfing the Waves of Change

Friday 14 October 2022

7:30am – 9:00am

Speaker Bio

Jason Binder is an Executive Stress Coach and the Chief Executive Officer of the growing aged care provider, Respect. He has three business degrees, his wife runs a large company, he is a Director of two other companies and he is a father of five kids under 18. Living such a ‘busy’ life would ordinarily be stressful, but Jason lives a largely stressless life without invoking work/life balance, escaping, meditating, supplements or traditional go-to stress management solutions.

Jason is authoring a book titled ‘Serenity in the Rat Race’ aimed at executives and high-performance individuals who want to have their cake and eat it too, by showing people how to live a life of action and achievement without the stress that usually goes with it.


The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety resulted in 148 recommendations, with 106 of those firmly accepted, and 19 more accepted in principle.

50 of these changes are the responsibility of aged care providers to implement over a period of the next three to four years. This high level of constant change could be brutal on providers in terms of stress and change fatigue when we know the industry can’t afford to lose (more) good leaders.

Listen to Jason Binder, who is in the unique position of being both a leader of a growing aged care organisation, Respect, and an Executive Stress Coach, as he unpacks the Royal Commission changes and provides insights into how to get through them without the associated stress.


You will learn:

An overview of the changes and what likely impact they will have on your organisation, and when.

Why aged care is unique in its ability to cause a stressful environment.

The devastating personal effects of stress.

Why we can’t afford to lose (more) good managers from the industry.

Methods to eliminate stress (without escaping, supplements, diets, or exercise).

Stress less. Learn how to work through the upcoming Royal Commission changes without losing your mind.