Jessica Stacey
Senior Safety and Wellbeing Specialist, iCare



Drawing on a dynamic 17 year career, Jessica leads the Education and Propositions team within Injury Prevention. She is on a resolute mission to empower organisations to cultivate high performance cultures through the management of safety and risk, elevating both achievement and wellbeing. 

Previous roles include Safety and Wellbeing Specialist at icare NSW, focusing on mental health and psychosocial risk; Manager, Safety Leadership, Culture, and Wellbeing at Deloitte; and Performance Coach, aiding professionals in enhancing performance, managing work-life integration, resilience, stress management, relationships, and overall wellbeing. 

Her coaching and training expertise, academic qualifications, and extensive experience in high-paced public sector and consulting environments equip her with evidence-based tools and strategies to transform work culture, reduce psychosocial and physical risk and optimize team performance.