Dr John Davis

Council Member, Aged Care Council of Elders


As of December 2023 appointed a member of the Council of Elders, Aged Care with the federal Department of Health and Aged Care for a term of two years.

As a Grit and Resilience Consortium community partner, I work with various stakeholders at the Local Government Area level to promote social cohesion, community wellbeing, connecting and belonging across our region. I have a Doctor of Theology degree with a focus on the Anglican Church of Australia constitutional structure, and I have been an Archdeacon Emeritus in the Diocese of Wangaratta since 2015.

I have also been a committee member of Voices for Indi, a grassroots movement that advocates for participatory democracy and regional representation since 2013, including a term as president. With over 60 years of training, formation, work experience and community connection I have developed skills in teaching, administration and pastoral care, expertise in church history, as well as competencies in communication, collaboration, and leadership.

My goal is to serve the community with compassion, integrity, and respect, and to foster dialogue, diversity and inclusion, particularly with and for LGBTIQA+, both young and old. As a priest and a Third Order Franciscan I attempt to explore and live out the role of faith and spirituality in addressing the challenges and opportunities of our time.