Katherine Graham
Marketing & Compliance, Warner Institute


A Management professional, my role enables me to drive business strategy influencing almost every sphere of our organisation.

Leading the Client Engagement Team through COVID is a career highlight for me- our corporate and student interactions were transformed due to lockdowns and our respect for the vulnerability of the sector we support. I’m proud to have maintained my Business Development team throughout this period, and have lead them through several iterations of transformation that has continued to evolve to the successful team we have today. Our organisation was impacted, as all were, but we have thrived and are flourishing due to our commitment to our clients, students and our reason for being.

As Manager, Marketing & Compliance, I drive the products we deliver, the development of our curriculum, and the communications strategy with which we share these across Australia.

This role and my version of it continues to evolve – enabling me to live and breathe strategy and creativity, supported by my team.

I couldn’t be prouder of the environment I’ve built, with an empowered and creative team alongside me, and I’m proud to be here every day.

Workforce Attraction & Retention

The aged care sector faces a complex web of challenges when it comes to workforce attraction and retention. One of the primary challenges is the increasing demand for skilled professionals amidst a shortage of qualified workers. As the ageing population grows, there’s a pressing need for more healthcare providers, nurses, and support staff, putting immense strain on recruitment efforts. Additionally, the demanding nature of the work, can lead to burnout and high turnover rates among aged care workers. The industry must also contend with issues related to competitive compensation and perceived limited career advancement opportunities, which can deter potential employees and cause existing ones to seek better prospects elsewhere. These multifaceted challenges require a comprehensive approach, including improved training programs, better working conditions, and enhanced recognition for the vital role that aged care workers play in our communities.