Katrina Ong

Pride Living Group Ltd

We Know Where The Danger Is, So Why Aren’t We Avoiding It?

Thursday 13 October 2022

12:15pm – 12:45pm

Speaker Bio

With substantial experience in clinical practice within aged care as a registered nurse, Katrina has worked to transform the way in which consumer care is delivered in aged care services. She has a particular interest in supporting providers, large and small, to develop effective quality management systems as well as to ensure their systems respond to the aged care quality standards.

As someone who has worked ‘hands on’ in the aged care industry, she offers an authentic understanding of the challenges providers face in delivering exceptional resident care in an ever more complex and consumer driven environment.


The aged care industry exists in a constantly changing regulatory environment that increases the vulnerability of most providers to the risk of non-compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards and the Act. The complexity of this landscape and the penalties (not only financial but clinical) heightens the need for providers to conduct compliance assessments to assess their risk.

Since the Aged Care Quality Standards commenced in 2019, Pride Living has analysed the most commonly unmet standards. We found 3 standards consistently top the unmet list. The unmet standards cascade down from the direct impact of clinical care to consumers to workforce management and ultimately the effectiveness of governance systems.

What we don’t understand is if the risks are known, why is being non-compliant the norm rather than an exception? What are Providers failing to embed in the governance systems that allows noncompliance to perpetuate?

This session will provide delegates with:

  • An overview of the compliance landscape
  • Analysis of the failure rates and facility characteristics where non-compliances were identified
  • The role of Boards and Clinical Governance committee is mitigating the risks
  • Early warning signs for the Board to be able to strengthen governance
  • Incident Management Systems- (SIRS)
  • National Quality Indicator reporting – how to make this meaningful
  • Successful case studies – including decisions made at a Board level to address risk identification and mitigation

As the industry is well and truly into the new Aged Care Quality Standards and with the recommendations following the Royal Commission, providers need to be agile to navigate this new world. Providers must leverage data internally and externally to understand where existing or emerging Aged Care Standards compliance risks may lie within the business. 

Katrina will share her experience as a Nurse Advisor in providing advice and successfully partnering with providers in implementing sound clinical governance regimes and addressing and in many cases overturning findings of non-compliance. 

What we don’t understand is if the risks are known, why is being non-compliant the norm rather than an exemption?