Kohen Grogan

Founder, Managing Director, Yappy Group



Kohen Grogan is an award-winning entrepreneur, respected business leader, Founder of Australian tech company Yappy Group, and a living example that you can do a lot with a little, when you dare to think different and find better.

In fact, Kohen has found so much success living this value, it is now one of the foundational values of his company, Yappy Group, and one of the keys to how he transformed it from a $2000 valued home-garage startup, to a successful multi-million-dollar valued company in less than 12 years.
Kohen uses his proprietary tech solution to enable other companies to solve the challenges standing in the way of their goals, so they win more business. Big business.

Kohen was announced a 40under40 award winner at just 28 years of age, named by Virgin Magazine as the Rising Australian Tech Star to watch, and named an award winner of the Talent Unleashed Awards Top 5 digital businesses in the APAC region, judged by none other than Sir Richard Branson and Apple’s Steve Wozniak. He has served on the board of charities, University Schools of Business and Law and Entrepreneurs Organisation. These are just a few of many significant milestones and accomplishments achieved through Kohen’s “goal-getting” rather than “goal-setting” approach to life, business and philanthropy.

Kohen’s underpinning heartbeat of undeterred, tenacious commitment to achieve even the most unlikely of goals, has landed him in many wild and wonderful experiences, such as; sharing a flight with Richard Branson as they discussed business and philanthropy, being the first to ride a water bike to Western Australia’s Rottnest island to raise awareness and funds towards the education crisis, and hanging out in a ranch in Arizona, getting mentoring from former US President Ford’s Appointments Secretary.

Firmly believing no goal is out of reach as long as it aligns to his long-term vision, Kohen inspires his clients with these messages and actions, and now shares this journey as a Keynote speaker. He inspires audiences with his stories of unlikely achievements, wins that defy the odds, resilience through hardships and leadership lessons from prominent mentors. Each, a propellant towards his own Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) to become a unicorn ($1Billion US valuation by 2029) in the name of philanthropy and making a lasting positive difference in the world.