Lena Hopkinson
Chief Operating Officer, St Bart’s


Lena Hopkinson, Chief Operating Officer at St Bart’s, has dedicated over three decades to the Health and Social Care sector. With roots in the UK and a significant 20-year tenure in Perth, Lena brings a wealth of experience to her role. As a Registered Nurse with an MA in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care and an MBA, she is well-equipped to tackle the complexities of homelessness, particularly its intersection with aged care.

At the upcoming conference, Lena will present on the innovative strategies employed by St Bart’s to assist those experiencing homelessness. Her work is driven by a deep-seated commitment to ensuring that even the most marginalized individuals have access to the necessary services to lead fulfilling lives. Lena’s approach is a testament to her belief in dignity and support for all, reflecting her passion for social equity and her extensive expertise in the field.

Feel free to connect with Lena to discuss collaborative opportunities or to learn more about her impactful work in the community.