Lorraine Poulos
Managing Director, Lorraine Poulos & Associates


Lorraine Poulos is the Managing Director of LPA. Lorraine has held senior executive positions throughout her career including working closely with Government and the sector in the areas of clinical governance and aged care reforms. She holds several Board positions including Chair of Quality and Clinical Governance, previous Health Minister Nominee on NSW Medical Board for 10years and an ACQSC Advisor. Her company supports many aged care providers undertaking Quality and Organisational reviews, consultancy, training and the provision of resources. Lorraine is the author of the book Basic Clinical Care in the Home which has now sold over 40,000 copies nationally. More recently LPA worked with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare to review Standard 5 -Clinical Care- for its applicability in Home Care. Lorraine is an accomplished engaging speaker and this is recognised by her invitation to present at national and international events.

Reshaping your Home Care model – Prepare for the future now.

Home Care providers are trying to prepare for future reforms and this can be challenging in the current environment because of staff shortages, funding constraints and regulatory requirements. Older Australians want to remain at home for as long as possible often with complex co-morbidities. Home Care providers of the future will require a multi-disciplinary team and a much stronger focus on the provision of clinical care and support if they are to continue providing personal and clinical care. There are many misconceptions about what constitutes ‘safe care’ in the home and who is responsible for the quality-of-care provision. Providers need to have a clear understanding of what scope of practice is for each role and how to structure their service model accordingly.

This presentation by Lorraine Poulos an experienced clinician and health manager will provide practical guidance for delegates about what they can begin to implement now. Areas such as clinical governance, risk management, workforce capability, financial implications and examples of what other providers are doing will be discussed. The move from a psycho-social model of care to one that is more health focused will be outlined with examples of how providers can begin to restructure their models and retain staff. Case studies and scenarios will be outlined with ideas for delegates to implement including those working in the retirement sector. Lorraine and her team have worked with many providers across the country assisting them with restructuring their models in preparation for the Support at Home Program and the strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards. The learnings and benefits will be shared. Delegates will be provided with a check list to use in their workplace.