Louise Broekman

Advisory Board Centre

Governing through reform to ensure safe high quality care: creating opportunities by legislated advisory boards.

Friday 14 October 2022

11:30am – 12:00pm

Speaker Bio

Louise Broekman, Founder and CEO of the Advisory Board Centre is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Researcher and Business Advisor. Following the exit of her own business, which had a presence in 8 countries across the globe, Louise continued her involvement in the Advisory sector through Chairing commercial Advisory Boards for high-growth businesses, before starting her second business.

Louise has this unique profile where senior executive career experience intersects with academic research. Louise has been sat on both sides of the table; in the shoes of a Founder and that of a Chair of multiple Advisory Boards.

Louise has spearheaded multiple commissioned and collaborative research reports, business benchmarking studies and market trend analyses ensuring she remains current in the market and in touch with the latest developments across the sector.


The incoming Aged Care legislation require approved aged care providers to establish and continue Advisory Bodies in two areas:  1. Quality Care; and, 2. Consumers. Strengthening governance processes in the sector is a major focus for government and for the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, and the development of advisory boards (or bodies) presents a significant opportunity to support governing or decision-making boards. These mandated advisory structures aim to specifically improve quality care and the engagement of consumers and their representatives in how the services are responding to and developing consumer-centric service design and improvements in a meaningful and sustainable process. While the detail of such requirements is awaiting further advice, the development of a robust advisory board framework and their active role in being a type of “thinking system” for aged care providers can be a chance to bolster quality and safety in aged care service provision.

It is problematic to assume that with the mandated advisory board is all good news.  It creates both the opportunity to do things better through consultation, but also risk, when purpose, process and the people involved are not aligned.  Knowing what good looks like has never been more important.


    The Advisory Board Centre, an Australian-based global body leading best practice in advisory board practice and operations has established a special interest independent Aged Care Advisory Board to evaluate and oversee how advisory body regulations are addressed and how to assist the sector in it’s design, preparation and evaluation of effectiveness. Questions about the scope, the independence of the chair, the relationship with the governance board and reporting, the people and processes are all important considerations. Experience has demonstrated that well designed advisory boards enable organisations to achieve its goals more effectively and the insights gained from other sectors can provide valuable learnings in preparation for such significant change in aged care governance requirements.

    Incoming legislation requires Advisory Bodies in Quality Care and Consumers.   Explore best practice frameworks in design, preparation and effectiveness.