Manos Katris
Principle Consultant, G5 Strategic Pty Ltd


I have extensive expertise in the planning and delivery of major digital transformation projects, including transition from legacy systems to a cloud-based environment. I’m known for my expertise in translating business requirements into practical digital solutions and improving the overall user experience of IT systems. I have spearheaded digital transformation projects in the finance, insurance, and aged care industries, working with a diverse range of clients from SMBs to enterprise level.

One of my recent achievements is the successful launch of AgedCareAI, an innovative AI solution dedicated to the Aged Care industry. AgedCareAI automates daily routines, saving time and money for Aged Care organizations, all while ensuring maximum data security. This groundbreaking product represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what technology can achieve in healthcare, and it’s set to make a significant impact on efficiency and quality of care in the industry.

Additionally, my strengths include the ability to juggle the differing, and often opposing needs between various stakeholder groups, strong interpersonal skills for achieving the best solution, as well as the drive to ‘get things done.’ I’m passionate about driving positive change in the healthcare industry through the power of data and technology, and I’m excited to continue leading transformative digital initiatives that make a difference.