Mark Prosser
SA/NT State Manager, ACCPA


Mark Prosser has been an executive in the Australian retirement village industry for the past 20+ years. He has an association with over 200 retirement villages and 6,500 residents in both Australia and Malaysia. Mark has been an active participant of industry associations at a state and national level, including roles as State Chair and National Board member. Prior to joining aged care Mark was a Valuer with both private and local government experience.

Strengthening Cyber Security in Aged Care

In an increasingly digital world, the aged care sector faces mounting challenges in safeguarding sensitive data, resident privacy, and ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of essential services. Join us in this illuminating panel session, where experts in the field will delve into the intricacies of cybersecurity within aged care. We’ll explore the latest threats, share best practices for data protection, and discuss strategies to fortify defences against cyberattacks.