Mathew Brincat

General Manager, Clinical & Quality, Provider Assist]


With over 20 years’ nursing experience, Mathew Brincat is an expert clinician who has spent the last 14 years in the Aged Care Industry. Mathew is the General Manager of Clinical & Quality at Provider Assist where he advises on critical issues of Aged Care management including AN-ACC, clinical assessment & documentation and accreditation needs. Mathew is passionate that quality care and entitled funding all begin with proactive & holistic comprehensive assessment and believes that AN-ACC provides a unique opportunity to take advantage of synergistic opportunities in the way Facilities manage both
funding and quality.

Mathew has a passion for Aged Care education and regularly delivers training to the Aged Care Industry. He thoroughly enjoys empowering others to affect the changes through the impossible to the rewarding and enriching environment that is Aged Care.