Michael Goldsworthy
Principal Consultant, Australian Strategic Services


A visionary, an entrepreneurial strategist, a big picture thinker; Michael Goldsworthy is widely known by directors, chief executive officers and executives of aged care organisations throughout Australia for his comprehensive understanding of the big picture and his strategic insights into the current and future trends and dynamics of the various human service industries/sectors, including aged care and healthcare.

Michael is an engaging, educative and strategic opinion leader; his primary modus operandi are facilitating, strategically advising and project management. His significant ability to engage and influence boards, chief executive officers and executives/senior managers and provide practical strategies and tools is acknowledged by industry leaders. He has a demonstrated track record of turning theory into practice, ensuring leaders balance their “heads and hearts” (that is business and service objectives) and advance proactive strategies and projects for the future.

Service, Business & Financial Innovation For Rural, Regional & Remote Providers

Research and observation inform us that rural, regional and remote aged care providers are distinctly and uniquely different from metropolitan aged care providers.

They are an integral part of the economic, health and social fabric of their communities. As such they are a vital and integral part of the Australian Health Care System. This makes them extremely well placed to move beyond just residential aged care or in-home care development and delivery.

This presentation will firstly focus on how rural, regional and remote organisations who have moved beyond just residential aged care or in-home care development and delivery share the key characteristics of:

– providing a range of aged care, primary care, allied healthcare and or / acute care

– multiple service options and pathways and the provision of care planning and care continuums for clients or residents

– multi-service, multi-revenue, with a diverse range of aged care, allied health care or primary care practitioners with diverse scopes of practice

– significant engagement and contributions from their communities, volunteers, local business and Local, State and Commonwealth government.

These providers have moved well beyond traditional, programmatic Commonwealth-funded aged care service delivery and the associated aged care standards and quality framework. They are in essence ‘Rubik’s Cubes of Care’ re-engineering their service, business and financial models sequentially and logically over time, against an agreed strategy and a dynamic vision.

Secondly the presentation will consider the four critical success factors that the leaders of such organisations have to come to grips with, being:

1. Ageing clients or residents have emerging or actual chronic health and complex health issues, debilitating accidents or injuries, severe diseases or illness or any combination of these co-morbidities.

2. Any aged care provider’s mandate is to assist in keeping people out of hospital, help people exit hospital earlier, prevent hospital re-admissions and slow client or resident morbidity, that is their rate of decline.

3. The need for a definitive, community focused health, wellness and lifestyle philosophy and approach, which should be adopted to enable a transformation from just aged care services delivery to integrated aged care and health care services delivery.

4. Recognising they are and must increasingly become an integral part of the Australian Health Care System, along with primary care, acute care and allied health.

For boards, CEOs and executives or managers of rural, regional and remote aged care providers, there are significant challenges and risks. However new ideas and innovations, strategies and projects can create new opportunities and developments in the provision of integrated aged care and health care, going well beyond traditional programmatic aged care.

Is your board and leadership team undertaking this journey? Either way, join Michael for this engaging and interactive presentation and then get out of the boardroom; travel, visit and learn from the increasing number of leaders of rural, regional and remote providers who are driving innovation and developing new customer-centric services, business and financial models that are responding to their communities’ changing aged care and healthcare needs.