Michael Goldsworthy

Australian Strategic Services

Aged Care, A Vital Part of the Australian Healthcare System … The Challenges and Opportunities for Leaders of Aged Care


Wednesday 12 October 2022

2:00pm – 2:30pm

Speaker Bio

A visionary, a strategist, a big picture thinker, Michael Goldsworthy is widely known by leaders of aged care, disability, hospitals and healthcare organisations throughout Australia for his comprehensive understanding of these industries/sectors big picture trends and forces, his strategic insights and predictions of customer and market dynamics, along with the impacts and implications of government reforms.

Michael is an engaging, educative and strategic opinion leader; his primary modus operandi are facilitation, strategic advice and project management. His significant ability to engage and influence boards, chief executive officers and executives/senior managers and provide practical information, strategies and tools is also acknowledged by industry leaders.

With 35 years of pragmatic experience and knowledge, he has nearly completed 7000 strategic and business planning, governance and leadership, merger and amalgamation projects;  he has a proven track of assisting leaders undertake the necessary strategic thinking, discussion and decisions, that turn into practical strategies and actions.


Aged Care is a vital part of the Australian Healthcare System, along with primary care, allied health care and acute care.

In summary the Australian Healthcare System is funded by Medicare, Private Health Insurance, Commonwealth and State Governments, Road Accident Authorities, Injury and Accident Insurers, Workers Compensation Schemes, Fee For Service and resourced by a significant number of healthcare professionals, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, philanthropic bodies, research institutes, specialist suppliers and other stakeholders.

As such the Australian Healthcare System operates on the principles and practices of universal access, care and resources for all individuals, including people who are ageing.

The core business of aged care organisations is focused on enhancing the health, wellbeing and lifestyle of people who are ageing with either emerging or actual chronic health or complex health issues, debilitating injuries or accidents, significant diseases or illnesses or any combination of the aforementioned.

Within this system the four primary roles of aged care organisations are to: keep people out of hospital, prevent their re-admission, assist in their early discharge and slow their morbidity / rate of decline; accepting that the majority of aged care leaders are philosophically and practically focused on the outcomes of these four roles, such as improving the wellbeing of customers, delivering a better lifestyle or the provision of a good death.

Therefore three significant considerations are:

1.The strategic messages of the Royal Commision Into Aged Care Quality and Safety ( ACRC ) are de- institutionalise care, individualise care and transform care; creating a new paradigm of ageing for individuals and aged care for organisations. Noting that the new Albenese Government’s determination of the previously accepted of 126 / 148 ACRC Recommendations is yet to occur.

2. Metropolitan, rural, regional and remote acute care, primary care and allied health care organisations and their services are in crisis; they cannot continue into the future utilising traditional strategies, structures and systems, acknowledging that in recent years all leaders of such organisations have had to adapt and innovate.

3. There has never been a better time for all stakeholders, especially the leaders of aged care, to collaboratively explore the opportunities, design the solutions and deliver the services that will not only advance the service, business and financial models of aged care but strategically and operationally assist the other three care quadrants of the Australian Healthcare System.


Titled “Aged Care A Vital Part of the Australian Healthcare System … The Challenges and Opportunities for Leaders of Aged Care ” this presentation is focused on providing new learnings and understandings and / or strengthening the existing insights and knowledge of aged care directors, chief executive officers and executives. It provokes leaders to think big about their organisation’s future as part of the Australian Healthcare System and what this means for their organisation’s core business, strategic destiny and primary roles within this system.

Join Michael Goldsworthy for an insightful, strategic and thought provoking presentation that will challenge or confirm your knowledge and perspectives of aged care today verses aged care tomorrow.

Aged Care…a vital part of the Australian Healthcare System, including primary care, allied health care and acute care.

Think big…what’s your organisation’s role in the Australian Healthcare System.