Pat O’Dal
Extended Care Paramedic Lead, St Johns Ambulance WA


 St John WA Extended Care Paramedic Lead Patrick O’Dal has a passion for enhancing primary health care through the role of paramedicine. He joined St John WA (SJWA) in 2007 after seeing an advertisement for student ambulance officers while living in Melbourne and working in hospitality. Pat had always wanted to be a paramedic, having been a St John cadet at the age of 10 in Melbourne and loved learning about health and how the human body works. He completed his paramedicine degree at Edith Cowan University and has been particularly interested in injury prevention since the majority of ambulance response is to geriatric falls. Pat’s various roles at SJWA include Clinical Support Paramedic and Community Paramedic working in various locations around regional and remote WA, including Christmas Island. Since January 2023, he has led the development of the Extended Care Paramedic (ECP) model of care at SJWA with the aim of providing high quality ‘in place care’ to patients, particularly ageing patients, as well as enhancing the connection patients have with primary and allied health care services.