Polly Devine
CEO, Moyola Aged Care


Polly is Moyola’s CEO, and has been for over 10 years, and was a dedicated board member prior to her current role.

Polly’s background in nursing and quality and risk, in and out of the health industry, and her uncompromising passion and commitment to our residents is an asset to Moyola and its person-centred approach to care.

No challenge is too big or small for Polly, and her focus is always on the opportunities for Moyola Aged Care.


Enhancing Governing Body Decision-making Through Effective Reporting

With the increased focus on reforming provider governance resulting from the Aged Care Royal Commission, the need for Governing Bodies to be effective has become paramount. Central to the reform agenda is ensuring members of the Body have the capability to make informed choices and fulfill their responsibilities. This panel discussion will explore the key areas of accountability and what information the Governing Body needs or questions it should ask to have confidence it is meeting these and that the organisation is operating in the best interest of the consumer.

Increased reporting on key areas of activity to the Department of Health and Aged Care is one of the reforms. As the information reported will be publicly available to support consumers select their provider, accuracy is critical hence the requirement that the Governing Body attest to its accuracy. This adds to the necessity for effective data collection, analysis and reporting practices by management as well as for members of the governing body to be equipped to interpret and challenge the information they receive.

During the session we will hear from providers on how they have navigated this as well as industry experts for their insights on strategies to enable informed decision making. It will cover the key themes of:
• Information flow and transparency to support effective decision-making through a continuous flow of accurate, relevant, and timely information between the management and the governing body.
• Effective communication channels that encourage the exchange of insights, concerns, and strategic perspectives.
• Building capability of governing body members to interpret reports effectively.

The session aims to empower aged care provider management and Governing Bodies with the knowledge and tools needed to utilise reporting as a catalyst for improved decision-making, fostering accountability and driving positive outcomes in the ever-evolving aged care sector.