Robert Covino
Partner, Mirus Australia


Rob is a Partner of Mirus Australia and has over a decade of management consulting experience in aged care. Rob is passionate about projects – both in business and at home, planning them, executing them and then admiring the results. At Mirus, Rob develops strategic service offerings and the associated methodologies for the industry, adapting our delivery strategies to accommodate our clients’ needs.

The AN-ACC Paradigm Shift: Why we need to “Unlearn” what ACFI embedded across our organisation.

The transition to AN-ACC introduces an innovative funding recovery model controlled by the mandated care minutes every provider must now evidence. This alteration necessitates a fundamental shift in our perception of funding dynamics, catalysing an imperative change in approach. Notably, the AN-ACC paradigm realignment provides a remarkable avenue for providers to adopt a multidimensional stance towards managing their claims. The traditional siloed revenue generation model gives way to a more holistic strategy, encouraging providers to recalibrate their claiming behaviours in concert with their distinctive models of care, available skilled workforce, and meticulously budgeted rosters.

The potential implications of this transformative shift are profound. Providers are bestowed with the autonomy (and requirement) to harmonise their claims and case mix profiles with their care provision philosophies, thereby fostering a congruence between financial considerations and quality care delivery. Moreover, this multidimensional approach aligns financial viability with workforce optimisation and financial stewardship, thereby furnishing providers with a versatile toolkit for operational excellence.

In conclusion, the AN-ACC paradigm shift beckons the aged care sector to embrace an adaptive mode of unlearning, dispelling the remnants of ACFI-embedded practices and even changing their organisational design around revenue management. The transition towards a funding recovery model necessitates a holistic perspective that encapsulates care provision ideologies, workforce & regulatory dynamics, and financial prudence. By redefining their operational paradigms, providers can propel themselves into an era of sustainable and compliant service provision. This submission advocates for a comprehensive understanding of the AN-ACC transformation and its potential to usher in a new epoch of operational efficacy in the aged care domain.