Speaker Presentation Slides

Please find below a list of the presentations from the speakers at the ACCPA National Conference 2022.
Please note that only presentations that have been approved by the presenters have been uploaded.

Day 1 – 12th October

Plenary Session 2
Janet Anderson:
What Next for Aged Care Quality?

Plenary Session 3
Mike Woods:
The Financial Performance of the Sector and its Sustainability

Plenary Session 3
Grant Corderoy:
The Financial Performance of the Sector and its Sustainability

Concurrent Session A1
Stephen Rooke:
Unboiling the Frog: Opportunities to Build Resilience and Sustainability into the Aged Care Sector

Concurrent Session A1
Cam Ansell:
Mergers and Acquisitions – Surfing the Third Wave

Concurrent Session A1
Craig Swanger:
Aged Care is Infrastructure: A Roadmap to Transforming Funding and Providing Choice, Certainty & Flexibility for ALL Families.

Concurrent Session A2
Dr George Margelis & Anne Livingstone:
Technology Roadmap 2.0: Responding to Reform and Positioning with New and Emerging Technology & Innovations

Concurrent Session 2
Dinesh Indraharan:
Counting Those We Count On: Improving Workforce Data in Aged Care

Concurrent Session 2
Richard Ainley & Emily Wilhelm:
From compliance to competitive advantage: setting a course for digital transformation in aged care

Concurrent Session 3
Amanda Adams:
ELDAC Home Care App – How co-design processes and a user-centred approach can shape resources for the home care workforce

Concurrent Session A3
Claire Johnson:
The Palliative Aged Care Outcomes Program: A Best Practice Model of Palliative and End-of-Life Care for People Living in Aged Care Homes

Concurrent Session A3
Kate Swetenham:
Hospice in Residential Aged Care

Concurrent Session 4
John McCallum:
What 4,562 Seniors Told Us About Co-designing Aged Care and How Providers Can Use It

Concurrent Session A4
Paul Gabbert:
The Age of Disruption. How Communities Across Queensland are Rising to the Challenge to Better Support their Older Residents.

Concurrent Session A4
Karen Williams:
Using Supported Decision Making to Uphold the Rights of Consumers under an Enduring Power of Attorney

Concurrent Session A5
Dr. Tuire Karaharju-Huisman:
Allied Health and Exercise Therapy services are vital to maximise the health outcomes for all

Concurrent Session 5
Jo Wood & Lydia Paterson:
The Role of Social Work in Residential Aged Care Facilities – Supporting the Transition and Beyond

Concurrent Session A5
Dr Kirsten Challinor & Alison Harrington & Stacey Torode:
Time, Tools, Skills: Using intuitive technology to overcome aged care’s 3 most significant challenges in delivering person-centred care

Concurrent Session A6
Michael Goldsworthy:
Aged Care, A Vital Part of the Australian Healthcare System … The Challenges and Opportunities for Leaders of Aged Care

Concurrent Session A6
James Saunders:
Redesigning Aged Care to embrace CDC and remain financially viable

Concurrent Session 6
Angela Frith & James Langanke:
Facing a ‘Once-in-a-Lifetime’ Transformation? How to do it and not Break your Organisation or People

Concurrent Session A7
Megan Corlis:
Making Change in the Face of the ‘New Normal’


Day 2 – 13th October

Breakfast Session 1
Nicole Sutton
The Corporatisation of Australian Residential Aged Care

Breakfast Session 2
Ken Griffin:
The Nursing Workforce: Insights into Aged Care Nurses from Australia’s Largest Primary Health Care Nurses Survey

Plenary Session 4
Paul Sadler:
Next Steps for Home Care Reform: Support at Home

Plenary Session 4
Dr. Nick Hartland & Joshua Maldon & Eliza Strapp
Department of Health & Aged Care Panel Session

Plenary Session 5
Tim Hicks:
ACCPA Policy Update

Concurrent Session B1
Craig Gear:
­OPAN Presenting Issues Report – A Guide to Quality

Concurrent Session B1
Peter Williams:
Applying Critical Systems Analysis to Serious Incidents in the Aged Care Sector

Concurrent Session B1
Katrina Ong:
We Know Where the Danger Lies, So Why Aren’t We Avoiding It?

Concurrent Session B2
Genevieve Donnelly & Julia Conway
The Development of Costing and Pricing Advice in the Aged Care Sector by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

Concurrent Session B2
JC Yap:
Australia’s Star Rating System in Residential Aged Care: What Should We Expect?

Concurrent Session B2
Claire Ward:
Operationalising Additional Service

Concurrent Session B3
David Brown:
Quality of Care and Financial Outcomes of Home Care Providers in Regional, Rural and Remote Australia

Concurrent Session B3
Lorraine Poulos:
The Changing Role of the Care Manager in Home Care- What Providers Need to do to Prepare

Concurrent Session B3
Jane Floyd:
Implementing the Serious Incident Response Scheme

Concurrent Session B4
Aaron Goldsworthy:
Governance and Strategy … The Strategic Pathway to Success & Sustainability

Concurrent Session B4
Louise Broekman:
Governing Through Reform to Ensure Safe High Quality Care: Creating Opportunities by Legislated Advisory Boards.

Concurrent Session B4
Julie McStay:
Governance Challenges for Small to Medium Aged Care Boards Post Royal Commission – Building and Keeping Better Boards.

Concurrent Session B5
Matt Torney:
How Shared Value Helps Aged Care Providers Create a More Sustainable Aged Care Future That Reflects Community Needs

Concurrent Session B5
Judi Coombe:
What is Dignity of Risk and How Can we Support it Through a Robust Informed Consent Process?

Concurrent Session B6
Arthur Koumoukelis & Lucinda Smith & Madeline Walsh
Retirement Living: regulatory trends and lessons from recent Tribunal decisions

Concurrent Session B6
Kai Mehta:
Finance & Investment in Seniors Housing

Concurrent Session B6
Megan Hobson:
Retirement Living Code of Conduct

Concurrent Session B7
Grace Smith:
Experience Management – Customer Experience, Employee Experience, People Experience

Concurrent Session B7
Ksana Playfair:
Restoring Quality of Life: A Consumer-Centred Allied Health Model

Day 3 – 14th October 

Breakfast Session 3
Jason Binder:
Surfing the Waves of Change

Plenary Session 6
Cassandra Winzar:
Duty of Care Report

Plenary Session 6
Darrell Price:
Workforce Supply in Aged Care – How Will the Industry Deliver on the Governments Promise

Plenary Session 6
Nicky Sloan:
A National Workforce Strategy – Sector Collaboration is Key

Plenary Session 7
Carmela Sergi:
The Care Economy

Plenary Session 7
Lorraine Finlay:
Human Rights

Plenary Session 7
Ken Wyatt AM:
Follow or Dare to Lead in the Aged Care Reforms

Concurrent Session D1
James Langanke & Lisa Halloran:
Help Employees Choose to Stay, Amplify the Value They Provide and Find New Talent in the Vast Hidden Labour Market.

Concurrent Session D1
William Egan:
Solving the $8M hidden education costs of employee turnover in Aged Care.

Concurrent Session D1
Laura Sutherland:
Has your organisation got the WOW FACTOR? A How-To Guide for being an Employer of Choice.

Concurrent Session D2
Cathy Balding:
Learning from Healthcare to Avoid Four Deep Clinical Governance Rabbit Holes  –  It’s Up To Us!

Concurrent Session D2
Melanie Tan:
What Does Clinical Governance Mean in Aged Care in 2022?

Concurrent Session D2
Carla Beheram:
Managing Risk and Improving Consumer Health Outcomes

Concurrent Session D3
Andrew Spilar & Rose Plater:
A Journey to Home

Concurrent Session D3
James Kelly:
Designing Seniors Communities for World-Class Care

Concurrent Session D3
Manda Kempthorne:
Aged Care From a Builders Perspective

Concurrent Session D4
Jennifer Hewitt & Karn Nelson:
Transforming Allied Health Services in Residential Aged Care.

Concurrent Session D4
Sarah Newman:
Our Powers Unite: Multi-Disciplinary In-Home Complex Care Management

Concurrent Session D4
Jennifer Tieman:
Co-designing ELDAC’s Allied Health Toolkit with Allied Health Professionals – Developing a Resource Guiding End of Life Care in RAC

Concurrent Session D5
Cynthia Payne:
Transformation and A High Performing Team

Concurrent Session D5
Abby Hunt & Sasha Burnham:
Leadership, Workforce Capability, Team Culture and Engagement: How to Measure it and Help us Attract and Retain the Right People.

Concurrent Session D5
Melia Stone:
The Impact of Values Based Leadership on Aged Care Workforce Attraction and Retention

Concurrent Session D6
Patrick Hayes:
Emergency & Disaster Management Planning & Preparedness in Aged & Community Care settings

Concurrent Session D7
Mike Jeffrey:
Empowering Providers Through Community

Concurrent Session D7
William Burkitt:
Carer’s Trusted Institutions as Communities to Become your Most Important Referral Source

Concurrent Session D7
Simon Kerrigan:
Getting Physical: Using Innovation to Create Active Communities