Stephen Rooke


Unboiling the Frog – Opportunities to Build Resilience and Sustainability into the Aged Care Sector

Wednesday 12 October 2022

2:00pm – 2:30pm

Speaker Bio

Stephen works closely with Managers, Boards and Owners to assess, strengthen and connect key business systems and processes. Starting with the organisational goals in mind, Stephen works closely with clients to simplify complex decisions and increase alignment between systems, governance and organisational strategy.

With over 25 years of experience as a consultant, director and executive manager, Stephen specialises in the design and delivery of solutions to complex and highly regulated organisations in the aged care, retirement village, education, charity, and not-for-profit sectors.

Focussing on the balance between best practice solutions and the efficiently allocation of scarce resources, Stephen’s insight and practical approach is underpinned by proven methodologies that are carefully tailored and aligned to the needs of each unique organisation.

Stephen is a former Director of national accounting firm William Buck, after which he worked in an executive role in the aged care sector.


We’ve all heard the allegory about the frog that slowly boils as the temperature of the pond increases, never quite realising the exact moment that the water gets too hot to survive. The Australian Aged Care sector has been slowly boiling in a stew of reducing real income and increasing compliance standards that has reached lethal temperature for many providers.

While the situation is not pleasant for operators, in this presentation G5Strategic Principal Consultant and aged care executive Stephen Rooke will draw on more than 25 years of service to clients across multiple business sectors to illustrate that many of the issues facing the sector are predominantly reactive to external forces, with the existing business model now at the end of its useful life-cycle.

Acknowledging that there is no path back to ‘the way it was’, Stephen will take delegates through a fresh and positive look at the opportnites to reform the sector and build sustainable models.

To set the scene, some time will be spent exploring and clarifying:

  • Provider business model issues that need to be addressed to fix the shortage of qualified managers and staff, plus examples from other sectors that have already solved similar issues
  • The three business types rolled up into each aged care facility and the lessons that aged care providers can learn from best practice operators in each sector
  • The forgotten role of business competition theory and Board Governance practice in the success or failure of each provider’s strategy

Recognising the choice of members to have a united voice and to challenge the status quo under the new national association, Stephen will present delegates with the opportunities that are now available to them individually and as part of a unified national body to:

  • Adopt lessons from other sectors that have already addressed some of the challenges facing the aged care sector
  • Save millions of dollars in wasted annual costs across the sector
  • Reduce inconsistencies in the management of risk and compliance issues
  • Use information systems the right way to save time and build capacity
  • Protect sustainability of small and stand-alone providers to preserve their unique cultural and community contributions
  • Build a roadmap to a place beyond averages and benchmarks, based on provider-specific profitability profiles
  • Address the real causes of long-term staff shortages
  • Political/societal issues and options to address these challenges

Stephen will include real world examples from relevant industries and best-practice organisations.

25 years of incremental changes to the residential care model have reached a dead-end. This session will provide insights from other sectors for providers building a road map toward sustainability.