Thea Connolly

First Assistant Secretary, Home and Residential Division, Department of Health and Aged Care


Thea’s Reform Implementation Division within the Department of Health and Aged Care is proud to be leading and shaping the implementation of the aged care reform agenda, vital to deliver improved outcomes for senior Australians. The division has portfolio oversight of announced measures, and is also responsible for establishing evidence-based frameworks to support the effective operation and monitoring of the aged care system, ensuring effective communication, stakeholder engagement and change management and holding and communicating a strategic view of ICT Reform and digital enablement. As a senior Health official, Thea has managed the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS, Australia’s medicines subsidy program), and held responsibility for Quality Use of Medicines and the National Medicines Policy. Thea led the development and negotiation of the PBS New Medicines Funding Guarantee and elements of the current Strategic Agreements with Australia’s medicines industry. She supported development of the Commonwealth’s 2022 COVID-19 vaccination and booster program as a member of Operation COVID Shield and has also served as Health’s Chief Budget Officer. Thea is a Certified Practicing Accountant and an avid paddler.