Todd Yourell
CEO, St Andrew’s Village Ballina


Todd is an experienced Human Services Executive with over 20 years in senior management in Accommodation, Child Protection and Aged Care services.  He has also sat on Boards for a Neighbourhood Centre, a Disability Advocacy Service, a School Council, multiple sporting associations and Anglicare Australia.

Todd has formal qualifications in Human Physiology and Business Administration, and together with his experience, he has developed a unique view on service provision and “what is quality”.

Todd has now focused his career on Aged Care, where he believes there is a lot more to be done, especially in the future development of the industry. Todd holds a Bachelor of Science, Masters in Business Administration and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Using Conversational Voice AI to Improve Operational Efficiency and Quality of Care 

This paper focuses on how Conversational Voice AI can be used to improve operational efficiency and quality of care within an aged care organisation.

The Conversational Voice AI model uses an AI engine to support open-context speech conversations capable of scaling smoothly into complex conversations with humans to explore and discover relevant and contextual information.

St Andrews Village Ballina is deploying Conversational Voice AI with the following use cases:

Capture of Progress Notes
o Replacing a manual and time-consuming data entry process to ensure consistency and compliance within a best practice framework
o Streamline the note capture process with integration to the resident management system and save staff time with templates created for each progress note type
o Improve accuracy and thoroughness of information with Progress Notes captured at the point of care to provide a more responsive care approach
o Provide multi-language support to empower ESL staff with accurate capture of progress notes

Outbound consent for restrictive practices:
o Replacing a manual process of obtaining consent with automated Conversational Voice AI and integration to the resident management system to reduce risk and improve quality of care

Inbound customer service call handling and routing to:
o eliminate call wait times, reduce call drop rates and efficiently manage out of hours and peak-call times without increasing staff headcount
o Triage low and medium complexity, high volume enquiries away from human team freeing staff to focus on higher value and more complex enquiries and reducing overall service cost
o Replacing a manual lookup and transfer process with intelligent routing of inbound calls to residents using integration to the resident management system to improve resident and customer experience

Outbound pre-employment reference checks:
o Replacing a time consuming process whereby employees have to schedule and call referees to check on suitability and recommendations regarding employment.

In this paper I will focus on the improved quality of care and operational efficiency outcomes that we are seeking to achieve by replacing manual, human-based processes with Conversational Voice AI.